Division of Biophysical Engineering
Department of Systems Science, School of Engineering Science, Osaka University

Division of Biophysical Engineering

We are solving the riddles and secrets of living organisms from a scientific understanding to the development of new engineering and medical technologies.

About Us

Living organisms exhibit a variety of flexible movements and behaviors. For instance, some organisms make us ask the question: “Why does it move like that?” Others make us say: “Why does such a shape and behavior exist?” Questions of how living organisms are made, how they work, and how they come to be are still a mystery, awaiting the challenge of young people. Solving these secrets has scientific value and is linked to the development of new engineering and medical technologies (e.g., robotics, nanotechnology, brain-machine interfaces, iPS cells, and regenerative medicine).

In this course, we aim to equip students with the knowledge and ideas in brain science, biology, physics, and engineering and to prepare them to play an active role in a wide range of fields in society. The Bioengineering Course is ideal for students who want to study the brain, those who like both biology and physics, and for students who are interested in both science and engineering. The faculty in the Bioengineering Course conduct top-level education and research in brain science and neuroscience and apply this knowledge to develop engineering and medical technologies. Please take your time to see what kind of studies and research are being conducted by our faculty.


  • BioDynamics Laboratory
    Prof. NOMURA Taishin
  • Biophysics and Data Science Group
    Prof. KIYONO Ken
  • BioImaging Group Prof.
    OSHIRO Osamu
  • Laboratory of Nano-Biophysics
    Prof. ISHIJIMA Akihiko
  • Laboratory for single-cell Neurobiology
    Prof. HORIE Takeo
  • Perceptual and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
    Prof. NISHIMOTO Shinji
  • Ubiquitin Biology Laboratory
    Prof. IKEDA Fumiyo
  • KOKORO-Biology Group
    Prof. YAGI Takeshi